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(Seven Soldiers)
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History Before coming to the United States, Wing lived in Hankow, China. In New York City in 1938, he became the chauffeur of Lee Travis, the young publisher of the Globe Leader newspaper. Wing was deeply concerned about the recent conquest of much of China, including Hankow, by...

(Sanderson Hawkins)
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Decades later, a lapse in the system interrupted the anesthetic gas into Sandy’s “velvet cage” and the Sandy revived. Sensing a shift in the tectonics of New York City, the mute Sandy went on what seemed to be a rampage toward the epicenter. Power of speech Dogged by...

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As a revenge, the old strongman went on crime sprees whenever the circus hit a new town. This was penny-ante stuff – mugging passersbies and motorists for wallets, or petty burglary. As he assaulted people, the strongman wore a domino mask, and a leopard skin outfit similar to...

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Corpo explained that the gargoyles were from a previous building, and that having no place in the new Graycar building they were thrown away. The lunatic had brought them to the 13th floor of the new building, but one of the gargoyles (Gara) started to challenge her position as...

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He eventually becomes a peacemaker to the various villages and tribes that dwell in the jungles of Ramisttan. He comes to the attention of the old Rajah of Ramistan. When he saves the crown from robbers with the help of Sin Gee and the old Rajah makes him the new ruler of Ramistan...

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Drawbacks: Misc.: As a Black man living in New York City in the 1940s, Harlem is subjected to significant discrimination. Furthermore, he cannot use his Rank for authority over many White police officers. Equipment: Eyepiece [BODY 00, Microscopic vision: 04]. Design notes There...

(Ross Palmer)
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Quotes (As Palmer) “That’s why they call me the biggest gambler in history ! I never do anything in a small way !” Sharing These open a new page on Facebook, Twitter or G+. This is because we don't let social networks track you on ...

(Rex Tyler)
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The gang with which Kenton had fallen in attempted a robbery of the New York Beaux Arts Ball, but Hourman appeared, foiled the attempt, and snatched Kenton himself. After tossing him around a bit to convince him to take the straight and narrow, Hourman released Kenton, who returned to a...

(Liberty Legion member)
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I feel safe in New York City However, when Frost introduced himself to the NYPD’s Commissioner, he was considered a madman. The strange man stormed out after having had a little fun with his ice powers and the expense of nearby policemen. This made him a wanted man. Frost...

(Heathrow Vance)
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This discovery aggravated Vance’s megalomania, and he decided to become a mob boss using his ability to case crime targets in complete safety. He used his eyes to kill an elephant to impress criminals, then had his new mob perform robberies. Since the Great Video could tell them...