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(Alternate version for the Marvel Universe)
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But during the early 1990s I ended up needing new characters for a campaign set in the Marvel Universe. Rather than invent stuff from scratch, I made up modified versions of some Brigade characters. And some time later they ended up on this site since heh, maybe they’ll be...

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Headquarters of Power Core The location of Power Core’s base is unknown. It is somewhere under the subway tunnels, with apertures scattered across New York to keep the exact location secret. Their original headquarters was in the top three floors of an office building. But...

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He designed the team’s new mobile base, and contacted the various team members. Tracker flatly refused, but the rest accepted his offer, with Quarterstaff as team leader. Jackhammer joined the group in 1997, the same year Snowblind took over as leader when Quarterstaff took a...

(Legion of Super Heroes meets Aliens)
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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Former bases of operations : New York City (Earth). Ranzz plantation (Wynath). Talus space wreck field. Major funding : Various resources liberated by the members, mostly on the black market. Known...