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Power Level
(James Bond villain)
 0   -   
Captured after infiltrating Drax’s space station, Bond convinced Jaws to turn on Drax by emphasizing Drax’s obsession with human perfection. Jaws realized that this might exclude himself or his near-sighted new girlfriend Dolly. Jaws and Dolly fled the station in an...

 0   -   
They both are cold sadistic murderers and regularly invent new and horrible ways to kill people on the fly. They are very fond of arranging death traps for worthy victims (such as James Bond). The deadly duo seems to be a couple. Wint is apparently the jealous type and does not...

(Cinematic version)
 0   -   
New rules Misc. Advantage: License to Kill (25 HPs) The character is an special agent of some powerful government and will not be legally harassed by his country or allied nations for killing people in the pursuit of his missions, within reason. The character will not receive any legal...