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:-). The orange-armoured version, who clashed with the Demon (Jason Blood) pre-Crisis and returned in a new version in Demon Knights in 2011. Sharing These open a new page on Facebook, Twitter or G+. This is because we don't let social networks track you on

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Mirth next appeared after Kevin survived getting run over by a subway car. The two talked in a small café. There Mirth further explained the limits of Kevin’s new found powers and the Struggle in which he had been drafted to fight. He told him the story of the Fisher King...

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It’s a quest She then joined Kevin, Mirth, and their new ally Sean the Ghost at Kevin’s apartment where they sought to regroup. It didn’t take long for them to come under assault. Kevin was attacked in his bedroom by a Leanhaun Sidhe, an evil fairie whose power...

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Quotes “Kevin Matchstick, you are either a bitter, bitter cynic or a raving loon.” “Oh man ! Do I need a Cherry Coke !” (Discussing Excalibur) Mirth: “Go ahead then… lay it down.” Kevin: “You know I can’t. It’s too...

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Quotes “Father ! I fall into the very midst of our enemies ! Send your shade to my aid ! SAVE ME !” “None of you even see it ! You all accept everything he says, you just “assume” we must win this fight.” ~ Emil the...

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His short term memory was virtually gone; he had a hard time remembering any recent events without being prompted or intense effort.  Quotes “Now, give me a break, here. Fifteen minutes ago you convinced me I’m dead. And now you want me to break out the sheets and...