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(Willem Dafoe movie version)
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Unfortunately for Norman, the same process also rendered him insanely violent and aggressive. These psychotic urges manifested as a new identity, the Green Goblin, who supplemented his new physical abilities with Oscorp weaponry, including: An armored suit with wrist-mounted gas...

(Profile #2)
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Anderson. Afterward I knew the rules, I understood what I was supposed to do, but I didn’t. I couldn’t ! I was compelled to stay. Compelled to disobey.” Instead, Smith spent the next six months in the Matrix coming to terms with his new condition...

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Of course, Jason returned even from that, but in 2008 he was capture by the FBI. However, nothing they could do could kill it, so his death sentence couldn’t be carried out. At one point, when he was moved to a new facility to be cryogenized, he managed to escape...

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He enjoys to create an army of Cenobites from the victims he has just slaughtered. These may be physically manipulated to resemble anything he sees is suitable and he may grant them several new abilities in the process. Pinhead is also very strong although he rarely engages in physical...

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Quotes Stuntman Mike: “Well, Pam… Which way you going, left or right ?” Pam: “Right !” Stuntman Mike: “Oh, that’s too bad…” Pam: “Why ?” Stuntman Mike: “Because it was a 50/50 shot on whether you’d be...

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Eventually, when they grew curious enough, the three decided to return to the hole and try to figure out why they had gained their strange new abilities. The trip back to the hole was uneventful, but when they arrived, they discovered that the hole/cave had collapsed in on itself, and...

(2003 Willard movie)
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Martin. Frank Martin’s abuse of Willard grew. He locked Willard inside the freight elevator, belittling and humiliating him in front of co-workers. Martin also boasted of his own success telling everyone about his new expensive car while glaring at Willard. At home,...

(Movie version)
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(Obadiah Stane’s precise role at Stark Industries is vague in the movie. But given his apparent role in managing Stark Industries’ day-to-day activities he is likely the Chief Operations Officer (COO).) Over the next two decades, Obadiah appreciated the new technology...

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Eyes: White Hair: None Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Powers and Abilities As the first of the new strain of vampires known as reapers, Nomak was essentially an supervampire. His speed, strength, and endurance were far beyond that of most...

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Quotes “Ok, Rapunzel, stop with the mumbling, you know how I feel about the mumbling, blah, blah, blah it’s very annoying. I’m just teasing ; you’re adorable I love you so much.” “Mother knows best !” (After being pulled from the ground to...