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When the ice queen Frostfire attempted to do what Garn couldn’t, Arion had to sacrifice most of his magic. This sacrifice prevent her from stealing the Light forever and triggering a new Ice Age. He then set out to find other civilizations and explore new territories. ...

(Michelinie's aborted 1970s cosmology)
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Context During the mid-1970s, DC Comics launched a large batch of new titles to conquer market shares – the DC Explosion. One of the new writers, David Michelinie , had several of his books share a cosmology called the Fifteen Worlds. However, the DC Explosion was a...

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Afterward, Kaleb asked the grateful Superman and his friends to help him with a new plan to alter the future. Kaleb had come to realize that killing Luthor would wreak havoc with the thousands of years of history between the modern day and his era, with unknown but possibly even worse...

(Roy's Elseworld version)
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Immediately after the court martial, Nathaniel was approached by Captain Wade Eiling. Eiling offered Nathaniel a pardon and a new identity in exchange for participating in a top-secret experiment. Nathaniel accepted this as an opportunity to get out of prison and find the necessary...

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Superman III had to pretend that his Kent identity had been killed. He then adopted a new identity as Jon Hudson (possibly starting another lineage with that name). Superman IV’s identity was revealed in a monorail accident. A later Superman had completely abandoned his...

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He will make his appearance a great threat, taunt and media spectacle whenever he chooses to make his new, great master plan a reality. This usually includes luring his foes to him and his death traps. He greatly enjoys toying with his enemies and to draw out the drama for as long...

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How long this went on is unknown, but Stalker killed untold millions. He became such a multiversal menace that several realities made preparations against him. On New Earth it was Hourman, an android from the far future, who travelled back to the early XXth century to give a...