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(Lisa Kent)
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Super-daughter Presumably, Lois was eventually cued in on the secret, as Superman passed out cigars for his “friend” Clark Kent and his son-to-be (yes, Superman was loitering around the maternity ward with a box of cigars. I don’t write‘em…), only to find out...

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He will make his appearance a great threat, taunt and media spectacle whenever he chooses to make his new, great master plan a reality. This usually includes luring his foes to him and his death traps. He greatly enjoys toying with his enemies and to draw out the drama for as long...

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How long this went on is unknown, but Stalker killed untold millions. He became such a multiversal menace that several realities made preparations against him. On New Earth it was Hourman, an android from the far future, who travelled back to the early XXth century to give a...

(Andrea Thomas) (Filmation version)
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#25. This story is blatantly a “pilot episode”. Andrea Thomas and Rick Mason watch as their old school is being torn down to make way for a new one. However, her friend Cindy is in the building as the demolition begins. Cindy is soon trapped and in danger, but Isis...