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(Of the year 2050)
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He considers New York to be his city and under his protection, and will therefore curse himself if any unexpected threat has arrived in New York City without him knowing about it. Having been willing to sacrifice his life for the inhabitants of the city, he carries a very noble...

(Michelinie's aborted 1970s cosmology)
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Context During the mid-1970s, DC Comics launched a large batch of new titles to conquer market shares – the DC Explosion. One of the new writers, David Michelinie , had several of his books share a cosmology called the Fifteen Worlds. However, the DC Explosion was a...

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Gathered in Slovekia, the Extremists captured the multiverse-travelling Challengers from Beyond. These were Jason Todd, Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner, the Jokester and ’Bob‘ the Monitor. The Extremists thought the travellers were new members of the Meta Militia. They were...

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When the ice queen Frostfire attempted to do what Garn couldn’t, Arion had to sacrifice most of his magic. This sacrifice prevent her from stealing the Light forever and triggering a new Ice Age. He then set out to find other civilizations and explore new territories. ...

(Urban shaman version)
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It is possible that, post-52, the Question who exists on the new Earth-4 is the Veitch version rather than the old Ditko version. However, the Veitch version interacts with a then-modern Superman (married to Lois Lane and everything). That doesn’t seem to be what Earth-4...

 0   -   
Afterward, Kaleb asked the grateful Superman and his friends to help him with a new plan to alter the future. Kaleb had come to realize that killing Luthor would wreak havoc with the thousands of years of history between the modern day and his era, with unknown but possibly even worse...

 0   -   
Crimebusters In 1966 Gardner attempted to found another hero group, known as the Crimebusters, with the heroes currently active in New York. The group, however, didn’t make it past their first meeting. The Comedian pointed out how useless a superhero group was in a world that...

 0   -   
He will make his appearance a great threat, taunt and media spectacle whenever he chooses to make his new, great master plan a reality. This usually includes luring his foes to him and his death traps. He greatly enjoys toying with his enemies and to draw out the drama for as long...

(Hollis Mason)
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Upon moving to New York with his mother and father in 1928, Hollis was confronted by the sheer darkness and horror present in the city. The things the young boy saw raised an ethical revulsion within him that he was never able to shake off. Whenever it became too much to handle, his main...

(Lisa Kent)
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Super-daughter Presumably, Lois was eventually cued in on the secret, as Superman passed out cigars for his “friend” Clark Kent and his son-to-be (yes, Superman was loitering around the maternity ward with a box of cigars. I don’t write‘em…), only to find out...