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(Secret Identity version)
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With their new agreement, Clark’s life became quite simple. His rescues continued without interruption, he was free to write, and he watched with bated breath and Lois continued to grow in size as the delivery day approached. On that particular day, Clark was forced to participate...

(DC Tangent version)
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New Atlantis The Joker lives in New Atlantis. This huge city’s main root is Atlanta, which wasn’t directly hit by the nukes. From there it spreads into the ocean over destroyed land. New Atlantis is meant to literally rise above the destruction and...

(Carrie Kelley)
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Rebellion Their heroics ignite the populace’s imagination as they once did. Batman publicly calls for citizens to rebel against the government. Other heroes who had gone into hiding return. A new villain also appeared. Seeming nearly impossible to kill he attacked...

(Andrea Thomas) (Filmation version)
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#25. This story is blatantly a “pilot episode”. Andrea Thomas and Rick Mason watch as their old school is being torn down to make way for a new one. However, her friend Cindy is in the building as the demolition begins. Cindy is soon trapped and in danger, but Isis...