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Mas màscaras On her 30th birthday she received a new mystery package. This one held a wooden mask from New Zealand plus a nondescript one, similar to that Green Lantern’s who turned evil, but white. The wooden one made highly resistant to injuries and pain. The...

(Red Stone)
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But, with the Barna Patrol, he has discovered a new family, one added to his natural one, and also that his powers can be used for good, and so they have a reason to exist. And why not enjoying them ? He is a good boy, and sentimental, although sometimes he tries to hide it with a...

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Thus, she doesn’t have the Secret Identity drawback although she tries to keep her identity secret: if her Starblaze persona was revealed she would have to search for a new job under a false name but she has no known family nor close friends outside Supernova, and she is cold enough to...

(Ruben Cisneros)
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Powers and Abilities Toro has quite a good combat technique. It is backed by superhuman strength that grows while he continues fighting new menaces (in DC Heroes RPG terms, he began with STR 07) and a physical resistance even higher (BODY 09, Skin Armor: 05). This technique is backed...