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He was exiled to Planet Z. But he couldn’t get anything out of the Z’s. Despite having simple spirits, their advanced minds were hard to affect into wishing things. But Temptation soon found a different kind of beings, and joined them in the new exciting game they...

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He was upset for them having kept him from dying. But knowing of their ideas for a new empire, he thought he would be able to kill lots of creatures and, with luck, be killed in the process. He agreed to join the team and was bound to the Council. Description Anathema’s head...

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Powers and Abilities Overwhelming seems to be a nearly omnipotent being. He is capable of the most fantastic feats. Although his level of power seems to have a limit, his versatility and skill to demonstrate new powers seems to have no end. In actuality, Overwhelming is a...

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Serpentine endeavour She saw that with her new powers she now had an edge in both her careers. She has become a famous thief and is going to be a good archeologist, as soon as she finishes her career (Hieroglyph is her main remaining subject). One month ago she met an English...

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Super-hero team the Patrulla Barna helped Reboombori build a new identity. But she had to abandon superheroics out of fear that her family would be targeted by Sagrado. His next objective was El Martell (The Hammer). Sagrado discovered that this nationalist terrorist organization...