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1995 Robin becomes Nightwing, Jason Todd joins Batman. The New Teen Titans are born (Nightwing, Cyborg, Starfire, Changeling, Tempest and Flash III-Wally West) 1996 Armageddon 2001  — Waverider scans which hero will become Monarch. 1997 The Joker kills Jason...

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In the meanwhile he’s enjoying his time with this new-found world. Slowly making friends is important. Necrotids believe not in friendship, so that’s a secret weapon they won’t expect. Quotes Barret Blanc (dispersing out of control, already waist deep sank on...

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He used a little invisibility and dispersion to get past the vault guard. It was incredible how fast he was adapting to his new capabilities: in a couple of minutes it had become as natural as walking. Llàtzer thus returned the wonder meteorite to his place and left the vault...