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(Part #2)
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Gemstones Nilaa is never called “Gemworld”. Though it is a new version of the 1980s Amethyst story there are significant differences. Having the heroine be in her late teens considerably changed the themes. Since the series couldn’t run long enough to fully...

(DC comics emotional spectrum)
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While this is how their programmed to act, this programming can be overridden by the Corps. The Orange Power Rings are all hoarded by Larfleeze, who doesn’t want to share their power. Blue and Indigo Power Rings have some kind of control where the Corps recruit the new members...

(Part #1)
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Winston could consistently arrange for her daughter to join local schools. However Amy’s status as a perennial new girl and outsider inevitably caused tension, up to and including brawls. Gracie earned what she could in typical female working class jobs, such as waiting tables...

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Personality Ingvie likes action and adventure, and is curious about new and unusual things. She’s very different from her well-meaning but hidebound mother. A lifetime of study and politics like Senshe’s would very much go against Ingvie’s character. The Princess...

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Black attempted to procure a new generation of wireless implant. This would allow him to access nearby devices, overhear radio-based communications, and rapidly break encryptions. However, there were but three people in Gotham who could implant this tech. Batgirl prevented his first...

(Wu/Fletcher take)
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But Maeve’s ego kept getting in the way. The label thus made sudden changes. Maeve was thrown out, a new singer and a new guitarist were parachuted in, and Dinah was encouraged by the label to rename the band “Black Canary”. Once Black Canary — the...

(Frankie Charles)
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Meanwhile, Frankie’s relationship with her new girlfriend, Malaya, was getting serious. After conferring with Barbara, Frankie moved out to live with Malaya in a more affordable neighbourhood. But this didn’t work out. Frankie ended up moving back in with Barb. She...

(Barbara Gordon) (Burnside era 2015/2016)
 0   -   
Batgirl crafted herself a new, cooler costume. She also built up contacts with new hardware experts, such as the roboticist Qadir Ali at Burnside College. And though Dinah and Barbara were on execrable  terms, Dinah had little choice but to crash at Frankie and Babs’...

(Vinton Burwell)
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After leaving prison, the Fugue managed to make contact with Batgirl. Using his new tech, he determined that she was Barbara Gordon. From there he made minor alterations to her memories, to weaken her sanity. He mostly worked when she was asleep and thus vulnerable. This move...