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New World However, his evil schemes came to an end when the Angel happened upon one of the Tiger Man’s victims. The Angel visited the Tiger Man in disguise, but the Tiger Man could tell that the Angel was no mere waiter. With speed, power, and cleverness, the Tiger Man managed...

(Elton Morrow)
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In later years, when Morrow had taken ill, a Guardian visited him during the Millennium event . Using his Oan energies, the Guardian was able to complete Morrow’s transformation. He asked him to serve as a connection between the Oans and the New Guardians – humans...

(Jeffrey Mace)
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Not wishing to disappoint the POTUS, Mace dropped his journalism career to become the Patriot. He set about the collection of a new team of super heroes, one that could free the lost heroes from German influence. He decided to make a call for help over the radio. The call that was...

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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Wartime Like the rest of his people, Namor grew up with a hostile attitude towards the surface people. When Thakorr discovered men in diving suits near Atlantis, he assumed that they were the precursors to an invasion...

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Some years later Namor, now CEO of Oracle Inc., took it upon himself to excavate the destroyed military complex. His goal was to use its technology to find solutions to the world’s problems. Seizing the opportunity for new, unknown science, Diablo, the Master of Alchemy,...

(Bruce Dickson)
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That night, in fact, the duo tracked down and went to work on the mobsters killing cabbies. Thin Man worked them on a personal level, while Olalla gunned them all down with the Stratoplane. The two then tied up their leader, leaving him for the cops, and went looking for new crimes...

(Spencer Keen)
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For Spencer Keen, however, it was not the end — but a new beginning ! When the tornado struck, the blue blaze hit him in the face, killing him before the twister could. In his coffin, he hibernated as his strength grew a thousandfold and he became invulnerable. Vengeance...

(Johann Shmidt)
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The 1990s The Red Skull escaped. He subsequently employed his new agent Crossbones in an attempt to secure the Bloodstone. His hope was that its regenerative properties could restore his original healthy appearance. This attempt was a failure, as was the Skull’s attempted...

(Martin Burns) (First iteration)
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Quotes “All right, pull over you dogs !” “Strike one for democracy !” “I hate to spoil your elaborate plans. By tomorrow, my countrymen will be rounding up the rest of your kind. I think your mighty army will get a different reception...

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If they start acting like wusses, he will ditch them and retract his support in a New York minute. Then, they will have to prove themselves without his support. Likewise, he really hates people opposing “evil”. He is likely to go postal on them, exhibiting all the...