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On the following day a new assistant, Anton Tomac, joined the museum. A few days later the new president was killed by Pan just like his predecessor had been. Watchman Nolan once again survived by disconnecting his hearing aid, but the police still didn’t believe his...

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New World However, his evil schemes came to an end when the Angel happened upon one of the Tiger Man’s victims. The Angel visited the Tiger Man in disguise, but the Tiger Man could tell that the Angel was no mere waiter. With speed, power, and cleverness, the Tiger Man managed...

(Claire Voyant)
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Quotes “Vengeance has been mine… the master calls – I must return !” “Here is your kiss — the kiss of death !! Satan will see you soon !” “Evil one, I claim your soul for Satan !” “And so, the Black Widow is going...

(Spencer Keen)
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For Spencer Keen, however, it was not the end — but a new beginning ! When the tornado struck, the blue blaze hit him in the face, killing him before the twister could. In his coffin, he hibernated as his strength grew a thousandfold and he became invulnerable. Vengeance...

(Elton Morrow)
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In later years, when Morrow had taken ill, a Guardian visited him during the Millennium event . Using his Oan energies, the Guardian was able to complete Morrow’s transformation. He asked him to serve as a connection between the Oans and the New Guardians – humans...

(The Blind Science Wizard)
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A test was done to turn a human soldier invisible. It succeeded, but the man couldn’t see either and was accidentally killed. Since being blind was nothing new to him, Dr. Scott became the second test subject. He then flew the captured ship up. Our hero joined the...

(Timely Comics)
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Sharing These open a new page on Facebook, Twitter or G+. This is because we don't let social networks track you on [jetpack-related-posts] Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly Tell me more about the game stats Future Man Dex: 03 Str: 01 Bod: 02 ...

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Corpo explained that the gargoyles were from a previous building, and that having no place in the new Graycar building they were thrown away. The lunatic had brought them to the 13th floor of the new building, but one of the gargoyles (Gara) started to challenge her position as...

(Heathrow Vance)
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This discovery aggravated Vance’s megalomania, and he decided to become a mob boss using his ability to case crime targets in complete safety. He used his eyes to kill an elephant to impress criminals, then had his new mob perform robberies. Since the Great Video could tell them...

(aka "Oriental Giants")
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The bankers returned to New York, and Benson had a group of giants discreetly shipped after them. These arrived in April of 1941. After Benson had a special investigator on his trail killed by the giants, Finley wanted out. But Benson just had a giant kill Finley. Ross...