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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Wartime Like the rest of his people, Namor grew up with a hostile attitude towards the surface people. When Thakorr discovered men in diving suits near Atlantis, he assumed that they were the precursors to an invasion...

(Bob Grayson profile #1 - 1950s version)
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What spurred the older Grayson into action was the emergence of a new continent on Earth. This triggered tectonic catastrophes, plus a claim-staking race between Cold War militaries. However, it was the heimatloss  pirate Count Varron, whose ship had been caught by the emerging...

(Johann Shmidt)
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The 1990s The Red Skull escaped. He subsequently employed his new agent Crossbones in an attempt to secure the Bloodstone. His hope was that its regenerative properties could restore his original healthy appearance. This attempt was a failure, as was the Skull’s attempted...

(Golden Age versions)
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Namora nearly always wears a swimsuit. When that would be awkward, such as the streets of New York City, she wraps herself into a long red cloak. Unlike Namor, she doesn’t usually wear American-style clothing, even on formal occasions. The main exception is when...

(Golden Age version)
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Beauty Magazine’s editor was in conflict with his publisher, and when he heard about Hammond’s new strategy he quit on the spot. Enamoured with his idea, Hammond went as far as promoting Venus to the position, despite her protests that she knew nothing about editing or...

(Profile #1 - the 1950s)
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Sharing These open a new page on Facebook, Twitter or G+. This is because we don't let social networks track you on [jetpack-related-posts] Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly Tell me more about the game stats Special Agent Jimmy Woo Dex: 04 Str: 03 Bod:...

(Jeffrey Mace)
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Not wishing to disappoint the POTUS, Mace dropped his journalism career to become the Patriot. He set about the collection of a new team of super heroes, one that could free the lost heroes from German influence. He decided to make a call for help over the radio. The call that was...

(Liberty Legion member)
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I feel safe in New York City However, when Frost introduced himself to the NYPD’s Commissioner, he was considered a madman. The strange man stormed out after having had a little fun with his ice powers and the expense of nearby policemen. This made him a wanted man. Frost...

(Claire Voyant)
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Quotes “Vengeance has been mine… the master calls – I must return !” “Here is your kiss — the kiss of death !! Satan will see you soon !” “Evil one, I claim your soul for Satan !” “And so, the Black Widow is going...

(Laslo Pevely)
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and “Bull” Murdock Pevely later learned about a murder in the newspaper. It had been committed by the new criminal conspiracy of “the Old One”. It was a band of poison-using hitmen known as Poison, Inc. Suspecting that the worst enemy of the victim was...