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(Steven Stronghold)
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After all, Metropolis is supposed to be New York City and yet New York City was later shown to exist. Maxville could be another fictional city that is supposed to be New York. Like Plastic Man, Lobo and the early Post-Crisis Justice League, he could show up and meet...

(Josie Stronghold)
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Josie: “Steve !” Steve: “Oh, where would we even find a vat of…” Josie: “Steve !” DCU History Jetstream and the Commander are said to be the two most powerful super beings on the planet. If so, it is a low-powered world. But they could...

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/> In the DCU, with all sorts of fictional cities, some of which are basically New York City even though New York City also exists in the setting, there’s no reason not to have yet another fictional New York bumping edges with Metropolis and the real New York for...