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... first place. And this is the sort of material that is useful for RPG campaigns. The “Old World” hemisphere of Krypton The “New World” hemisphere of Krypton Published on the 7th of December, 2013. ... AdνеrtisеmеntAmazing World of Superman

(Crime Syndicate of America)
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Now, this is assuming that there’s no hidden aspect to “gains a new power with every exposure”. For instance, perhaps he has a defined set of power, but these only go live bit by bit as he finds Kryptonite. Which would actually be a limitation ! But it...

(Jay Garrick) (Classic)
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A few months later Joan and Jay graduated from their physical science program. Jay moved to New York’s Coleman University as an assistant professor. Reading news about racketeers eluding the police, he created the Flash identity – visibly based on Classical...

(Early Batman foe)
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The Monk was first seen on Earth-2 in 1939. That’s when he hypnotized a young woman named Julie Madison, hoping to turn her into one of his undead servants. Unfortunately for him, Julie was the fiancée of Batman (Bruce Wayne). Batman followed the Monk’s trail from...

Manhunter android
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Sharing These open a new page on Facebook, Twitter or G+. This is because we don't let social networks track you on [jetpack-related-posts] Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly Tell me more about the game stats Laurel Kent (FIRST EDITION SCALE !) Dex:...

(Richard Dragon/Lady Shiva enemy)
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After investigating, he sent a machete-wielding cyclist kill two of Dragon’s students. He knew that would result in response from Dragon and, presumably, Shiva. He was right, and soon Dragon and Shiva barged in the cove where he had established his new pirate base. Although...

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New rules Self Link (Gadgetry) is what some people might call a Robotic Construction Advantage. Anyone with this power is a Gadget which can be repaired and modified by anyone with Gadgetry. APs represent the highest AP of any ability that the Self Linked Gadget may possess. By...

(aka "the malignant brain")
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The Sandman intervened again, but the Malignant Brain demonstrated new psychic abilities of great power. Considering that there was no other way, the Sandman used his Hypnosonic Whistle and made the Malignant Brain explode. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Count was never seen again. And now,...

(Dick Grayson) (1972 profile)
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Connections: Batman (High), Teen Titans (High), Gotham City Police Dept (High), New Carthage Police Dept (High), Haly’s Circus (Low), Wayne Foundation (High), Superman (Low), Batgirl II (Barbara Gordon, High), Jimmy Olsen (High), Alfred Pennyworth (High). Drawbacks: Secret Identity. ...

(Priscilla Rich of Earth-2)
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History (New Earth) In the New Earth continuity, there was a Priscilla Rich comparable to the Earth-2 Priscilla Rich. She may also have shared some ground with the Earth-1 Priscilla Rich. This version of Rich/Cheetah joined a New Earth version of Villainy, Inc.. She...