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(Transformers G1 version)
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The Decepticons fled upon their awakening, while Optimus sent a team to search for fuel. The Autobots encountered their first humans at a drive-in theater. The Decepticons attacked the theater to prevent the Autobots from making new allies. Buster Witwicky found an injured Autobot...

(Transformers) (Marvel Comics G1 version)
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Shockwave planned to take the Matrix from Optimus to make thousands of new warriors. Megatron feigned compliance until he had healed enough to attack Shockwave. The moment he had, Megatron attacked Shockwave with his full fury. Megatron battered Shockwave in the opening seconds of...

(1980s Marvel Comics version)
 0   -   
Days passed while Megatron waited for Ratchet to enact his plan. During that time, Shockwave returned. He then took Optimus Prime to his new base of operations. Soon thereafter, Ratchet transmitted a video of the Dinobots defeating Shockwave. Ratchet’s plan With Shockwave...

(1980s Transformers comics)
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(Much of the ancillary material on Gears states that his complaining and negativity are an act. He supposedly does so in order to force his allies to see the good in their situation while cheering him up. Nothing during the Marvel series demonstrates this idea though.) Quotes “I...

(1980s Marvel US comics)
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Quotes “Parties ! My favorite pastime back on Cybertron !” “I’m a doctor… not a warrior !” “It’ll take more than a recycled reject like you to make spare parts out of me, Megatron !” “The activities of these humans...

(Transformers) (1980s Marvel Comics)
 0   -   
Quotes “I’m gonna be the first to greet an earthling !” “Do all small, pink things ask so many questions ?” “It is good to see you again, friend. I hope all has been well with your internal mechanisms.” “Buster, we came here for a...

(Transformers) (1980s Marvel Comics version)
 0   -   
Quotes “Stay in line, Cliffjumper, you’ll get your chance — on my command only.” “Come Starscream ! Surely you don’t fear to strike at a foe that is unable to fly, do you ?” “My logic circuits have determined that the Ark was in...