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(Thor | Captain Marvel amalgam)
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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Description Donald Freedman Donald is a man of average height, about 6′, though he looks shorter. After an accident at a construction site years ago, he has to walk with a brown crutch under his arm. Donald...

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History The Fungus from Under the Ice was the first case tackled by the New York City chapter of the JLA Reserves. A US Meteorological Service installation had suddenly broken off contact without explanation. A JLA team consisting of Minuteman, Silberspinnin, Leopard’s Paw,...

Hulk | Captain Atom amalgam
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For testing the bomb, the Army decided to use it on an alien ship they had found years ago in Roswell, New Mexico. The ship was made of an unknown metal. But it was useless to the government and they wanted to be rid of it. During the testing, a teenager drove across the...

(Jade/Phoenix amalgam)
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Jade’s brother Scott is otherwise fine, and attends a special school for super-powered teens in upstate New York. Sentinel, however, became a darker, more brooding man afterward. Description White spandex uniform with a jade phoenix on the chest. Emerald rays emitting from...