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A permanent enemy of the Family and the Federation are the Russians of the East Coast, who control most of former eastern USA (Illinois, southern Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, New England, New Jersey, South New York, North Carolina, southern Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina,...

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Vimes took charge of the ailing Vetinari’s security, and brought in his new forensics specialist, Cheery Littlebottom, to work out how the poison was administered. Deaths among the castle staff led Vimes to realise the poison was in his candles, and that it was linked to the golem...

(Literary version)
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A new breed For the next eight years, the SPARTAN IIs (normally referred to simply as the Spartans) received intense military training. They were taking part in basic field exercises by the age of eight. John-117 quickly became the leader of the Spartans and eventually given the...