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(Profile #1 - Year One)
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As the New Warriors were ramping up, Midnight’s Fire came back. He attracted Taylor’s attention by killing cops. At first Night Thrasher was scared to fight him, but he finally joined The New Warriors to stop him. Midnight’s Fire and Night Thrasher...

(Team profile #2 - Year One, part #2)
 0   -   
When The Enchantress was about to dispose of the New Mutants, Illyana teleported them away. Amora’s spells made the stepping disc malfunction. All the New Mutants emerged in different parts of Asgard, except Illyana who was left in the dungeon. Each of the...

(Team profile #3 - Fading years)
 0   -   
Time and time again – New Warriors’ backup on his way In New-York, LaFroyge was negotiating hard with Chord and Sprocket. He wanted to call for Night Thrasher’s potential recruits to go after the missing New Warriors. He got his way when Bandit...

(Team profile #1 - Year One, part #1)
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Cloak and Dagger While the four younger New Mutants (excluding Karma) are visiting New York City, Wolfsbane and Sunspot get captured by a group of criminals trying to replicate the drugs that created Cloak and Dagger. Cannonball and Psyche team up with Spider-Man, Cloak, and...

(Team Profile #2)
 0   -   
Seeing the bird-creature chased by the authorities, The New Mutants decide to help him. The Hellions find out about this and decides that if The New Mutants want him, it’s worth interfering, just for the principle. Both teams race to get Bird-Boy. This time, The...

(Team profile #2 - Growing up)
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Meanwhile, Chord gathered The New Warriors. He convinced them Night Thrasher was somehow controlled by an external influence. The New Warriors shortly fought Night Thrasher and Silhouette. Night Thrasher and Silhouette fought very defensively, trying to expose...

(Massachusetts Academy version)
 0   -   
Hellions and New Mutants occasionally met at social events. They also competed in field missions – once to capture terrorists Viper (Ophelia Sarkissian) and the Silver Samurai (Yashida Keniuchio), which the Hellions achieved, and once to capture an Ani-Mate nicknamed Bird-Boy (the...

 0   -   
Powers and Abilities All New Salemites were familiar with occultism. With the extra magic given by Scratch or stolen from others, the Seven could tap into other dimensions plus create power spheres, swarms of locusts and other effects. Mostly they just changed into superhuman...

(Classic era)
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Marvel Super Heroes – Deluxe City Campaign Set, MSH – Webs, The Spider-Man Dossier Campaign Set, MSH New York, New York Marvel Wiki, Darci, ThommyTsunami, Gareth Lewis Writeup completed on the 31st of May, 2014. ... Adνеrtisеmеnt The old New York,...

(X-Men enemies) (Original Sebastian Shaw era, part 1)
 0   -   
She lured Kitty Pryde and The New Mutants by admitting Doug Ramsey to her prestigious Massachusetts Academy. See The New Mutants, year one for the details of how Kitty and The New Mutants got out of this trap. Also see Hellions, for details on their competition against...