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(Early, Mirage comics profile)
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He spent the next year building the New York clan. The assassins quickly muscled out most of their competition and became the fiercest organized crime group in the city. When the Clan reached its apex of power, Saki tracked down Yoshi in his small New York apartment and...

(Diggle-Jock version)
 0   -   
Endgame The remaining Losers returned to Qatar. There, the Sheik provided them access to a secret pipeline to the oil platform. They made their way undetected inside New Jerusalem’s defences, and found Max. They were followed by Fahd – Aisha’s jihad partner...

(Profile #3)
 0   -   
Meanwhile, a trio of agents (Jal, Kistna and “Ralph”) forced the hidden Hypsis “gods” to have their planet make a new jump. Though the “gods” didn’t realise it it would send Hypsis to take Earth’s place. This would lower the energy...

(Valerian & Laureline)
 0   -   
Quotes “Trafficking, smuggling, weapons, rackets, bombings, commandos, infiltrations, kidnappings… Those who secure our services are never disappointed. Not for nothing do they call is the Quatuor Mortis !” (The panel isn’t clear, but one gets the impression...

 0   -   
Hugo Kala, if this is yet another case where in the name of science we are meant to dive into poisonous craters, or to play cops-and-robbers with space aliens or madmen…” Professor Kala (Barging into a hospital, to flabbergasted doctors) “It’s a medical...