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Masses of zombots where used against the WildCATs by the New York City mob bosses when the WildCATs declared their war on crime. Powers and Abilities Re-animated dead guys. The zombots are relatively cheap, voice-controlled, disposable hitmen/bodyguards for hire. They are...

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A new Stormwatch was founded, much less dependant on the Secret Masters, with Battalion as the new Weatherman. Jenny Spark ended the turn of that page by succesfully hunting down Bendix, who had received protection from IO, and killing him. A few weeks after that, SkyWatch...

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They spent 30 years of covert cultural exchanges with our British government Major setbacks : By the early 20th century, it was becoming an imperialist society in stagnation. They started to use the Doors to conquer new territories, on the other sides of the realities’...

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The day is saved by the arrival of Tindalos and his new breed of IO’s black Razors, killing the Coda. Grifter series : a former lover of Zealot, Dakor of Cambria, cannot sustain the rigor of the Coda training, and went on to create, during the 3rd Crusades, a male equivalent...

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Bases of operations : There are agencies all over the world but the most notable sites are : McLean, Virginia (Headquarters), Midtown Manhattan, NYC (Archives building), Nevada Desert (Sector 52 alien research center)… Former bases of operations : Caballito Island, South America...