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Powers and Abilities All New Salemites were familiar with occultism. With the extra magic given by Scratch or stolen from others, the Seven could tap into other dimensions plus create power spheres, swarms of locusts and other effects. Mostly they just changed into superhuman...

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Sharing These open a new page on Facebook, Twitter or G+. This is because we don't let social networks track you on [jetpack-related-posts] Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly Tell me more about the game stats Average Gashouse Gorilla A 389 Point Character ...

(Classic era)
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Marvel Super Heroes – Deluxe City Campaign Set, MSH – Webs, The Spider-Man Dossier Campaign Set, MSH New York, New York Marvel Wiki, Darci, ThommyTsunami, Gareth Lewis Writeup completed on the 31st of May, 2014. ... Adνеrtisеmеnt The old New York,...

(X-Men enemies) (Original Sebastian Shaw era, part 1)
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She lured Kitty Pryde and The New Mutants by admitting Doug Ramsey to her prestigious Massachusetts Academy. See The New Mutants, year one for the details of how Kitty and The New Mutants got out of this trap. Also see Hellions, for details on their competition against...

(Part #1)
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History Justice, Like Lightning… The Thunderbolts began as a world domination scheme by Baron Helmut Zemo. He recruited a new team of Masters of Evil, and had them adopt new costumed personas, and had them surgically altered to hide their identities. Zemo became...

(Foreigner death squad)
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When a Swift dies, the Swift set of powers and the memories of the fights he has been in are automatically saved in the Foreigner’s labs. A new volunteer is then treated to receive this data and the standard set of gear to become the new Swift, indistinguishable from the...

(Reactionary militia)
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When two ex-teammates of the new Cap revealed his true identity in front of national TV, the Watchdogs moved fast. They kidnapped his parents and demanded his surrender. Walker agreed. The militiamen could have killed Cap at the moment he surrender. But having a sense of...

(Alternate version for the Marvel Universe)
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But during the early 1990s I ended up needing new characters for a campaign set in the Marvel Universe. Rather than invent stuff from scratch, I made up modified versions of some Brigade characters. And some time later they ended up on this site since heh, maybe they’ll be...

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New Earth 2000s appearance After the Imperiex War, the post-Crisis version of Queen Clea assembled a new version of Villainy Incorporated. She recruited : Giganta (Dr. Doris Zeul). Cyborgirl (LeTonya Charles). Trinity. Jinx. Dr. Poison II (the granddaughter of the...

(Part #2)
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After an apparently successful attempt to kill Deadpool, who was after Osborn for spoiling a job of his, the team was dispatched to Madripoor. There they collected a new recruit, Mister X, while faking his death. They were also joined by the new Scourge (formerly Nuke), who...