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With Tommy’s acceptance of his new role, Zordon summoned the other Rangers who were overjoyed at the return of their friend. With that Tommy, the White Ranger, was made the new leader of the Power Rangers. While Zordon’s words came as a surprise to Jason, he...

(Literary version)
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A new breed For the next eight years, the SPARTAN IIs (normally referred to simply as the Spartans) received intense military training. They were taking part in basic field exercises by the age of eight. John-117 quickly became the leader of the Spartans and eventually given the...

(Mission X version)
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An interesting version appeared in the The New Frontier comic book continuity. Many aspects of this version are compatible with the DC Universe one, and are thus mentioned in this article. The New Frontier stuff is tagged as such. *And* in italics to make it extra-clear...

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Personality The mores, instincts and customs of the Knights are those of gorillas. They do not consider themselves to be profoundly different from normal apes. For instance once Wonder Woman beat them and their leader they naturally accepted her as their new alpha – this is...

(Early and classic eras)
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As to James Hudson, the new generation of his power armour, now looking much like a skintight costume, was fully operational and he was trained for field action as Weapon Alpha. He would soon change his code-name to Vindicator – then to Guardian. Weapon Alpha was apparently...

(Team profile #1 - Year One, part #1)
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Cloak and Dagger While the four younger New Mutants (excluding Karma) are visiting New York City, Wolfsbane and Sunspot get captured by a group of criminals trying to replicate the drugs that created Cloak and Dagger. Cannonball and Psyche team up with Spider-Man, Cloak, and...

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This profile is being built gradually as the new Silver Sable research progresses. Right now it stops just before her 1992 series begins. Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Organization Full Name : Silver Sable International Purpose :...

(Apple Jack, Flutter Shy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle)
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Sunset Shimmer took control of all the other students to use as an army. When she tried to do away with Twilight and her friends the element of Harmony recognized characteristics of Twilight’s new friends as that of identical nature as Equestria’s. They were protected...

(Ultimate version)
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Namor took an immediate liking to Sue, insisting she introduce him to this new world. When Reed completed his translation of the Atlantean language, he realised Mary had been wrong. Namor had actually been an imprisoned criminal. Reed, Ben and Johnny arrived as Namor turned violent...

(Part #1)
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History Justice, Like Lightning… The Thunderbolts began as a world domination scheme by Baron Helmut Zemo. He recruited a new team of Masters of Evil, and had them adopt new costumed personas, and had them surgically altered to hide their identities. Zemo became...