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(Part #2)
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Gemstones Nilaa is never called “Gemworld”. Though it is a new version of the 1980s Amethyst story there are significant differences. Having the heroine be in her late teens considerably changed the themes. Since the series couldn’t run long enough to fully...

(DC comics emotional spectrum)
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While this is how their programmed to act, this programming can be overridden by the Corps. The Orange Power Rings are all hoarded by Larfleeze, who doesn’t want to share their power. Blue and Indigo Power Rings have some kind of control where the Corps recruit the new members...

(Part #1)
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Winston could consistently arrange for her daughter to join local schools. However Amy’s status as a perennial new girl and outsider inevitably caused tension, up to and including brawls. Gracie earned what she could in typical female working class jobs, such as waiting tables...