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Builds notes When statting up warframes, there’s of course the issue of builds. That is, the specific array of mods that was slotted in to bolster certain capabilities and/or add new ones. These “payloads” can be determined before launching a mission. In our stats...

(Dragon Age: Origins) (Part #2 - The Grey Wardens)
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Nearby Dwarves and Grey Wardens had been sensing that something was afoot. More recently, tribes from the far South had been fleeing Northward as darkspawns advanced. A new extinction threat was surging after 400 years, and Ferelden would be the first hit. Warden-Commander...

(Dragon Age: Origins) (Profile #1 - Thug life)
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On Summerday a dazed Alamen wandered in one of the threadbare, hand-me-down wedding dresses of the alienage. Friends of Adaia gave her money for her trousseau. As she planned to commit suicide soon, Alamen just gave the money to a recently-evicted alienage family so they could rent a...