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In which case, Mr Incredible and Elastigirl were supers during the final years of the McCarthy Trials , and were the first to re-emerge in the new Heroic Age as the Incredibles. In this case, Frozone is still a friend of the Incredibles and Mr Incredible’s sometime-partner. By...

(Selina Kyle) (Gisted profile)
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Partly as a reaction to this, Selina took a new protégé – a streetwalker from Flagstaff nicknamed Arizona. Arizona remained with Selina for a few years to cobble herself a new life. Though living with Kyle was risky (the girl only narrowly survived the...

(Buddy Pine)
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The “Public backlash against supers” motif belongs more in a Marvel setting than DC, but the overall feel of the book is more Silver Age  than modern, so placing them in the Post-WWII era is probably the right thing to do. In which case, Mr Incredible and Elastigirl were supers...

(Bill Bixby & Lou Ferrigno version) (Doug's profile)
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(This two-parter is detailed in the profile for “Dell Frye’s Creature”.) David then had several more adventures before walking down that long road into the sunset for the final time, forever hitchhiking to new towns where the Creature defeated injustice while pursued by an...

(Charles Xavier) (gisted profile)
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After the battle, Xavier agreed to leave Earth with Fiz and the mutant Skrulls, whom Xavier dubbed Cadre K, in order to find a new homeworld for them and to train them in the use of their powers. Cadre K soon found a new role, that of freedom fighters, championing for mutant...

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A new vampire was detected at Bella’s home. Jacob and his tribe began protecting Bella and Charlie to free the Cullens to hunt their enemies, Victoria and this new vampire. In an attempt to win Bella, Jacob forced a kiss on her. Bella was infuriated and punched him...

(Natalia Romanova) (Profile #1 - 1927-1946)
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Later on Further confusing the issue, the GRU developed another Red Room program in the late 1970s. It was intended to produce a Black Widow patterned after Natalia Romanova – a super-agent lady. Basically, this new Black Widow program was making a reality out of the...

(White Queen)
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Most Hellions appearances took place in the The New Mutants comic book. Although the Hellions were pawns of a ruthless, sinister organization, the team members themselves were not depicted as fearsome enemies of the New Mutants. The relationship between the two teams is best...

(Steve Rogers) (Gisted)
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couldn’t produce super soldiers en masse, they still had one. Instead of being the first of a new breed, Rogers became a symbol of American values, countering the iconic Nazi supervillain called the Red Skull. He maintained a secret identity as Private Steven Rogers at Camp...

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Our FAQ content will be recreated on the fly as the new version of matures. This is because we wanted to switch to the new version ASAP rather than wait for the FAQ to be rewritten. How-to articles What’s new and better with the 2016 version of...