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(Peter Quill)
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The SHIP also carries small deployable Widgets (x20) with the following stats: [BODY 04, Flight: 06, Thermal Vision: 08, Medicine (Surgery): 06, Note: These flying widget transmit lots of data, including audial, spectral, visual and radio data to the SHIP enabling direct communication to and from...

(Nicholas Jacob Fury) (Gisted)
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He also tends to speak like he did in the 1940s and the 1950s, with a noticeable working class New York City accent. His cigar-chomping, poker-playing, man-of-the-people manner make him quite charismatic for non-snobbish persons. In non-comics-code books, Fury talks like any drill...

(Oliver Queen) (Mike Grell era)
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Green Arrow donned a new hooded outfit, more acclimated to Seattle’s weather, that Dinah made for him for his 43rd birthday. Ollie even became a grandpa of sorts when his ward Roy Harper became a father. During these first few weeks in Seattle, Oliver asked Dinah to marry...

(Carol Danvers) (Part #1 - 1998/2000)
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While in New York City to negotiate book rights, Warbird was briefly kidnapped by the Doomsday Man. But the Wasp (Janet van Dyne) spotted this, and the Avengers thus came in as Carol freed herself. Justice (Vance Astro) nearly crippled himself taking the Doomsday Man out – to...

(As portrayed by Henry Cele)
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With these new weapons, Shaka is given a platoon of Mtetwa warriors to train as a special squad. Shaka scores significant victories in many confrontations which include defeating the armies of the Zulus sent against him by his father. Shaka also takes this opportunity for dealing out...

(Profile #1 - 1940s, part 1)
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Since this name was just a gimmick for a single story, we’re going to downplay it in this article. But a 1940s reader could reasonably assume that Catwoman’s name is Marguerite Tone. New information only comes up in 1950. One fan theory is that a different women used the...

(George Reeves TV version)
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Superman then went on to take out all of the crime bosses in Metropolis in perhaps the most violent episode of the series with people shown being killed right and left though not by Superman, of course. Of course, there seemed to be a whole new crew of crime bosses by the next season. A...

(Alessa-Maria Hassan) (Profile #1 - Arroyo)
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– Ignores mental fatigue — Quickness 1 (Limited 2 to learning new skills and knowledge). – Ignores emotions — Enhanced Impervious Will 3, Second chance (Emotion-based effects), Concealment 1 (from detecting her emotions). Devices PIP-Boy 2000 ● 2 points...

(Profile #1 - Mass Effect)
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While making mental contact with Shepard, the inexperienced T’Soni had accidentally established a light psychic rapport. This perception of each other soon became a strong attraction. After a second mind-meld to read new data in Shepard’s mind, Dr. T’Soni breached...

(Profile #1 - first season)
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Bewitched Over the next year, the three sisters tried to balance their new lives as witches, individuals, and sisters. Each reacted in a different way to their powers. Phoebe was enthused by their new lives. She concentrated on learning about witchcraft and didn’t...