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(Colonel Alexei Shostakov)
 0   -   
The Reds’ right hand Colonel Shostakov was recruited by the KGB during the early 1960s to become the new Red Guardian. Like with Captain America, several men donned the costume in succession. See the profile for the Red Guardian of the 1940s and 1950s, Alexei...

 0   -   
Bella went to the reservation with Jacob. When she returned he noticed the scent of a new vampire in her room. The Cullens setup a protection detail for her while some of them hunted this new vampire, still others watched for Victoria’s return. Jacob and his tribe...

(Part #1)
 0   -   
The two men fought a fairly even duel until the living weapon used the iron fist. This knocked Batroc down and apparently broke his left arm. Batroc had his new Brigade, two dozens of martial artists practising a variety of styles, charge in. These men were met and defeated by...

(Greer Nelson profile #2)
 0   -   
Creatures on the prowl Puzzled by her new nature, heritage and instincts, Greer stuck with Dr. Tumolo as her mentor. Resuming her adventurous ways, she occasionally encountered odd menaces. Such as Surisha the serenity vampire and her rat-thing servant. As reverting to her human form...

(Willis Stryker)
 0   -   
Stryker occasionally got the stubborn Lucas out of trouble by dragging him away from fights they couldn’t win. Nevertheless, Willis was clearly the more vicious and bloodthirsty — if pragmatic — of the two. As they grew up they ended up founding a new, small set...

(Post-Crisis version)
 0   -   
Zeul now had a new muscular body, new powers and a size-changing “jungle girl” circus outfit. She joined an army of superhuman women organised by Circe to conquer New York City. She took the name Giganta. However, she was disoriented by her lack of...

 0   -   
Deciding to target Captain America’s new family, the Avengers, Zemo recruited the largest roster for the Masters of Evil at that time. They invaded and took control of Avengers Mansion, captured and tortured the butler Jarvis and the Black Knight, and beat Hercules to his apparent...

(Kara Zor-El/Linda Danvers) (1980s profile)
 0   -   
Kara briefly returned to college to study acting. She also worked for some time as a student advisor at the New Athens Experimental School in Santa Augusta, Florida. For a short time she was an actress in New York City, appearing on the soap opera Secret Hearts. She left to...

(Profile #2 - Psychic ninja)
 0   -   
Kwannon’s body, its mind still apparently a blank slate, was programmed to serve the Hand – and their new Lord, the Mandarin. Named Lady Mandarin, she served him in reclaiming his position in the Chinese underworld. Wolverine (James Howlett) soon arrived, accompanied by...

(Profile #1 - early)
 0   -   
Soon afterward as the siblings were vacationing at a Swiss chalet, Quicksilver read a newspaper announcement that the Avengers were looking for new members. Pietro saw this as an opportunity to demonstrate their good intentions without the confounding influence of their mutant origins...