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(Leland Owlsley) (Profile #3 - 1982-1992)
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However, Octopus ultimately rejected the offer. A war erupted between the Owl Gang and the Octopus Gang. They both raced and fought to procure the triggers to a nuclear warhead, with which to blackmail New York City. The Owl was furious, feeling that Octopus had stolen his...

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Rashemen is far away to the East-North-East. With the Sea of Fallen Stars being in the way, trekking from Rashemen to the Sword Coast is about the same as trekking from New England to the central Californian coast. Rashemen is East of Ashanath and South-East of Narfell, if that...

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There is a difference between “Psychically Linking” and “Linking”. A Power that is Psychically Linked has its Link Attribute changed but is not automatically linked to its Link Attribute. If a Player wishes to link the Power, they must do so using the new Mental Attribute as the...

(Part #1 - the 1980s)
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lab, then the Northwind Observatory (in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York), the Baxter Building and Mexico City. Height: 5’8″ Weight: 135 lbs. Eyes: Hazel Hair: Black Powers and Abilities Dr. Waynesboro is a noted researcher in biophysics. She has remarkable...

(Baby pterosaur)
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It then flew them over miles of deadly jungle to a beach. Once there the two soldiers built a raft to return to the base. Mace nicknamed their new ally “Dino”. The flying reptile beat its wings to fill their sail and help them leave. It didn’t take long for...

(Leland Owlsley) (Profile #2 - 1976-1981)
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The gang had new costumes, but there was a half-dozen of them at most and they had basic handguns. Another squad with jetpacks was mentioned but never seen. There were also plain clothes informers. These uniforms could also be equipped with video cameras for the Owl to monitor...

(Crime Syndicate of America)
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Now, this is assuming that there’s no hidden aspect to “gains a new power with every exposure”. For instance, perhaps he has a defined set of power, but these only go live bit by bit as he finds Kryptonite. Which would actually be a limitation ! But it...

(a.k.a. GI Robot)
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Techniques)*: 05, Weaponry (Infantry weapons): 06 Advantages: Familiarity (Parachuting, Military equipment and protocols), Life Support (Full, plus immunity to fatigue. But it still requires maintenance, new batteries, etc.). Connections: N.A.. Drawbacks: SPR (“Mac” cannot...

(Leland Owlsley) (Profile #1 - 1964-1975)
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San Francisco, où êtes vous He moved to San Francisco. SF had recently been home to Daredevil, but he had moved back to New York City – so the Owl thought it would be safe. However, the Black Widow was still there, and Daredevil popped back to visit her. In 1974, they...

(Dr. Raza Kattuah)
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Njara originally led the surviving Jihad members following the destruction of Qurac. Later assembling his own group, he attacked a new version of the Squad, killing some of its command crew. The new Rustam even took Amanda Waller captive. But before he could take his...