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(Dark Horse Heroes)
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The Vortex Those events occurred roughly at the same time a band of alien warriors attacked and destroyed the US’ most sensitive military base. It was built in Nevada, over an abandoned alien facility. This raid awakened an alien demigod that soon started drawing more attacks from...

(Arthur Thomasson)
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He also started to have dreams of a powerful alien civilisation of warriors, all wearing armors like his. The person Thomasson was dreaming of underwent rites of passage. This is probably an involuntary access to a sort of audiovisual database of past events. Description See...

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Powers and Abilities The Demons are decent warriors who fly and breathe fire. They can combine to form a genuine Chinese-style dragon. History These demons are called “Vortex” demons since they were seen after having escaped their home dimension through the Vortex. Whether they...

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Just like the inside of the Vortex was straight from his imagination, the axe was the axe that was wielded by a comic books character he had created when he was 8, a big blue warrior with a Stormbringer-like axe called Axe-Grinder. Division 13 He took the axe and found himself back into the reality...