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A chance at victory and freedom During the ceremonial openings of the new arena, some slaves were initially executed. Then commenced the individual fights the survivors of which would enter a large Gladiator group fight from which only one man could emerge victorious; the only ways of leaving...

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The building project went straight through (sacred) Indian lands, which thus complicated the project further by constantly endangering Hell on Wheels with Indian raiders and warriors. Overseer The southerner Bohannon was hired by his target, the project’s foreman (Captain) Daniel Johnson, to...

(Netflix version) (Season 1)
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Stick taught him to use and focus his senses, to fight, to meditate and heal properly, but when Matt started to look for a new father in Stick, Stick – looking for a warrior – instead opted to leave him as an unfinished project. Rule of law Matt later went on to study law...

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  The fleeing Ice Warriors eventually colonize a planet near the Arcturus System, which is given the imaginative name of New Mars. They subsequently go looking for revenge on the Arcturans for having given humans the matter-transmission technology that proved so invaluable...

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Warrior class The aliens make themselves visible when entering hand-to-hand combat. This may be a technological limitation, but much more likely due to an honor code about worthy opponents. This is somewhat similar to the behavior of the Predators in the eponymous movie series. The aliens...

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By lifting the cauldron with his forearms, the graduate branded himself with the figures. The newly initiated master thus bore an imprint on each their inner forearms; signifying their new status. On several occasions these scars identified him as a Shaolin monk to those familiar with...

(V, the original miniseries)
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Smith in New York functions as an informal communications channel of the actions of the Resistance Movement. The ultimate goal, of course, is to remove the Visitors from Earth and to end the war. Whenever the Resistance gets an opportunity to strike at the Visitor invaders they hit...

(As portrayed by Henry Cele)
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With these new weapons, Shaka is given a platoon of Mtetwa warriors to train as a special squad. Shaka scores significant victories in many confrontations which include defeating the armies of the Zulus sent against him by his father. Shaka also takes this opportunity for dealing...