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The Adarna Warriors then sought a new planet, Nibiru (also known as Marte, possibly to consolidate earlier retcons). Mango Comic Synopsis, part 1 As stated above, the origins of Valentina’s people are revealed in the Mango comic series. According to The Matriarchs, Darna was...

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Base Of Operations: Sewers of New York. Height: 4’6” Weight: 150 lbs. Eyes: Black Hair: None Powers & Abilities Known Superhuman Powers While Raphael has no true superhuman powers, his mutation into a bipedal form did not remove any of the species wide adaptation that one...

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The land without stars While helping set up a remote Human colony, Laureline and ValĂ©rian determined that a free-roaming planet was headed for the new system. They discovered that it was a hollow world, and made contact with the cultures within. The small world was dominated by two cities...

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The two races shared the planet of Tiamat and became embroiled in a fierce war which ravaged the planet. The Adarna Warriors then sought a new planet, Nibiru (also known as Marte possibly to consolidate earlier retcons ). In this version, Valentina can entrance her victims to...