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She also has a strange asset. Seoul can call up the spirits of great warriors of the past (apparently always from Asia, such as samurai or great Chinese strategists).These will give her pointers on beating her foes. The spirit warriors appear by her side and seem quite real, even to Wylder’s...

(Maria de Guzman)
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History During her youth, Maria lived with her aunt Luiza. Luiza secretly was a Brazilian jungle warrior and protector of the land. She oncetook Maria with her and performed a ritual. It was meant to channel certain mystical powers that passed down intermittently through the family...

(Alan Moore take)
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Thus, Alan Moore was quite driven to write new Marvelman story during the 1980s, when the magazine Warrior revived the character. To avoid conflict with Marvel Comics, the character was later renamed Miracleman. The property then remained mired in conflicts about IP for...

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At first, he worked alone, but on a time-travel mission to 8th Century Norway he met Wulf Sternhammer, a huge Viking warrior, who became his partner and his closest friend. Johnny Alpha brought hundreds to justice, including Sabbat, the arch-genocide Necromagus, who had murdered billions; an almost...

(Ryan Orsini)
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However, Youngblood director Graves was discovered to be a demon. During the upheaval, the new director, Battlestone, decided to forego the Bloodpool contracts. Despite all the promises and all they had been through, the Bloodpool subjects were downsized. A few of them (Task, Psilence,...

(Alex Barros)
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History Alex Barros gained his powers (as did his brother) after the mysterious hull breach of his father’s research sub. That accident subsequently took the life of his father. Alex, along with his brother, was contacted by Battlestone immediately upon the media exposure of the...

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The teammates assigned for this mission was a standard model combat android named Risa Pirea and a Rambo-like clone warrior named Gut 8. The android got her personality from the legendary radical feminist warrioress Risa Pirea, while Guttmeiner 856434, was an old clone until then kept in...

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Chakaal, the fierce, intelligent, sexy, female warrior (who always taunts Groo, but doesn’t really hate him). Captain Ahax (whose ships are always sunk by Groo). Drumm the Warrior and Pal (who always tries to trick Groo away from his wealth). Gravito the Wizard. The Witch of Kaan. The...

(Amy Belcher)
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She had great respect for Johnny Redbeard. After being saved from death and gifted with her powers, Amy kept her new master entertained as something of a court jester. However, Johnny soon grew tired of the novelty act. Sensation joined similar outcasts, the Nixed Men. The Nixed Men...

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The Adarna Warriors then sought a new planet, Nibiru (also known as Marte, possibly to consolidate earlier retcons). Mango Comic Synopsis, part 1 As stated above, the origins of Valentina’s people are revealed in the Mango comic series. According to The Matriarchs, Darna was...