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Other traits His entire body is criss-crossed with scars. These are actually cracks from exposure to heat, since his experimental body turned out not to be 100% fireproof after all. Over time, he will likely need a new synth body. Curiously, the Firelion body has pointed ears. When not...

(Baroness Ariane de Troil)
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Guillemot de Troïl Ariane was determined to see a new Sparrowhawk take the place of the fallen one. She captured a baby sparrowhawk in its nest and tamed it. She also crafted a red cloak and mask resembling the Sparrowhawk’s. Despite her martial talents she assumed that, being a...

(Juanita Jean Sachs)
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Subcultures cultivating a nihilistic, violent reputation. Punks, one-percenter bikers, new-school street gangs such as the Warriors  in Coney Island, etc. The mythologisation of inner city decay, as a result of White flight. Sensationalistic reporting about crime and...

(Part #1)
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During this total war, the Weaver created things of light and hatred called angels. These served as nigh-unstoppable warriors. They beat back their enemy, inflicting enough destruction to eventually awaken the Dragon. However, in the nick of time, the natives found a ritual that would...

(Atlas/Seaboard caveman)
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The mad doctor responded by secretly unleashing his powerful cyborg warrior, Doomstalker. The objective was to demonstrate Doomstalker’s power by taking down the Brute. After defeating the cerulean troglodyte, Doomstalker announced he announced that he was taking over the town. With...

(Transformers) (Marvel Comics G1 version)
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Shockwave planned to take the Matrix from Optimus to make thousands of new warriors. Megatron feigned compliance until he had healed enough to attack Shockwave. The moment he had, Megatron attacked Shockwave with his full fury. Megatron battered Shockwave in the opening...

(1980s Marvel US comics)
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Quotes “Parties ! My favorite pastime back on Cybertron !” “I’m a doctor… not a warrior !” “It’ll take more than a recycled reject like you to make spare parts out of me, Megatron !” “The activities of these...

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The land without stars While helping set up a remote Human colony, Laureline and Valérian determined that a free-roaming planet was headed for the new system. They discovered that it was a hollow world, and made contact with the cultures within. The small world was dominated by two cities...

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One may assume that Wulf was seen a most honorable human and warrior by his fellow mutant Search/Destroy Agents, and there is now a street in the Milton Keynes mutant ghetto district named Sternhammer Street as his legacy. Description Wulf can be described as a huge flaxen-haired, bearded bear of a...

(Takao Konishi) (1990s Valiant Comics)
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Unlike most Valiant protagonists, Rai was operating in the far future, where poor Earth was having terrible problems with aliens and robots. A Japanese warrior, he was very much a near-apocalypse super-samurai. Valiant was a victim of the market’s collapse, but would get resurrected years...