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Warrior Woman was the de facto leader of this unit. It also included her old colleague U-Man, Iron Cross, the new Master Man (a distant relative of Lohmer) and two unidentified fighters. They came to the Netherlands in time to engage the Invaders – who had been...

(Profile #1 - Bat-Breaker)
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During a month-long coma, the boy had visions telling him that he would become a great warrior and a king among men if he could conquer his fears – embodied by a giant vampire bat. When he emerged from the coma, the boy had a mission – to prove that he was afraid of nothing. The...

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Context Lord Humungus was one of the more notable characters in 1982 movie Mad Max: Road Warrior. He was the leader of a gang of murderous bandits. The movie was big among geeks since the early 1980s didn’t exactly have a deluge of genre movies. Furthermore, Humungus’ amazing...

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As Juggernaut, Marko has returned to menace Xavier and his X-Men numerous times over the years. He also formed a successful partnership with Black Tom Cassidy. Juggernaut clashed with many heroes, including Spider-Man, X-Force, Thor, and the New Warriors. During the 1990s...

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Powers and Abilities M’Baku gained superhuman physical might and prowess when he ritually ate the flesh of the sacred white gorilla. Even prior to that he was recognised as one of the greatest warriors in Wakanda. As the Man-Ape he can withstand blows delivered with peak human...

(Amora of Asgard) (Profile #1 - the 1960s)
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After Sif foiled one of Loki’s plot, the teenage god of mischief recruited Amora for his vengeance. The future Enchantress gleefully drove a wedge between Sif and Thor using Sif’s warrior temper, then she and Loki manipulated Sif into stealing an enchanted mirror. Amora snatched...

(aka Sabertooth) (Wolverine enemy)
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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); History Confined to a dark basement and subjected to other forms of psychological abuse by his father, Victor Creed survived to become the ultimate warrior. Sabretooth is driven by a psychotic need to hunt, fight and...

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Finally, Vegeta is a well trained and incredibly experienced warrior. Every moment that he is not eating or sleeping is essentially spent training. He is constantly attempting to get stronger and will always search for better and/or stronger opponents. He spends most of his free time...

(Karla Sofen profile #2 - classic Moonstone career)
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Sofen can mentally change the layout of her costume, and near the end of this era briefly adopts a new look. History (Again, this follows straight from the first Moonstone profile.) Sofen was now superhumanly strong and powerful. But she realised that operating alone, with little training with...

(Tanya Sealy)
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Initiative and beyond Mamba was freed from prison by the Serpent Society who needed her for a job. However, they ran into the New Avengers and Sealy was once again defeated by Captain America. Her stay in prison was brief, though. She was soon transferred to the Fifty States...