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(M'Baku) (Part 1.1)
 0   -   
Even prior to that he was recognised as one of the greatest warriors in Wakanda. Man-Ape is fast and agile enough to fight even the Black Panther (T’Challa) or Captain America (Steve Rogers) toe-to-toe. Though those who have never seen him fight tend to dismiss him as ludicrous, this is a...

(M'Baku) (Part 1.2)
 0   -   
M’Baku was planning to tear the American kid to bits to feed the sacred gorillas. However the faithful N’Gamo came running to tell his boss that the brat was the prophesied peacebringer. Taken aback, M’Baku and other Jabari warriors realised that Brown was actually...

(Tom's profile) (A.k.a. Vega)
 0   -   
Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Mastery While obviously preferring to rule from the shadows Bison is dangerous even by himself. In his true form he is without a doubt one of the best fighters on the planet. It has taken multiple top tier World...

 0   -   
Razor-Fist, respecting Wolverine’s warrior spirit, eventually facilitated his escape to give him a clean death. The seeming corpse was thrown over a cliff. Wolverine, of course, survived. Eye of the Tyger Logan then allied himself with up-and-coming crime boss Tiger...

 0   -   
Pendergast was presumably arrested by Supergirl and the nearby police. But there seems to be few charges that could actually be pressed against him. Thus it is likely Pendergast spent very little, if any, time in prison. And it *is* likely he acquired some new subjects as...

(Nekra Sinclair)
 0   -   
At this point, the Mandrill and Nekra launched the last part of their plan. They threatened to blow New York City up with an atomic bomb, and invaded the White House. The A-bomb bluff worked, and the lawn of the evacuated White House was soon occupied by the giant mandrill statue...

(Part #2)
 0   -   
Nekra’s instructions were to direct Druid’s attention toward the Second Assembly. This splinter cult of the Dry Academy was building a new god made of corpses. On the Devil’s secret service To do so, Sinclair introduced herself as the high priestess of a Kâli cult in...

 0   -   
Group Affiliation: Women Warriors; formerly Thunderbolts Army, Masters of Evil, partner of Mongoose and Bison. Base Of Operations: Delaware; formerly mobile. Height: 6’8” (5’4” in human form) Weight: 500 lbs (100 lbs in human form). Eyes: Yellowish-brown (dark brown in...

(Transformers) (Marvel Comics G1 version)
 0   -   
Shockwave planned to take the Matrix from Optimus to make thousands of new warriors. Megatron feigned compliance until he had healed enough to attack Shockwave. The moment he had, Megatron attacked Shockwave with his full fury. Megatron battered Shockwave in the opening...

 0   -   
Secretly, Pierce is an anti-mutant bigot. Along his ambition to take over the Hellfire Club, he wants to get rid of all mutants, starting with The Inner Circle and The X-Men. He reveals this true nature when he kidnaps Professor Xavier and Tessa (Black King’s personal...