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Badass bow [BODY 04, Projectile weapon: 04, Ammo: 01, Recommended STR: 04, R#02, Bow Advantage, Limitation : Low Penetration] This niche is filled by whichever bow has a fearsome enough reputation, with actual ballistics being unimportant. For instance : The Anglo-Welsh longbow ...

(Profile #2 - Earlier)
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At this point her ageing starts dramatically slowing down. Her character concept shifts from “spunky kid” to “very young woman” and she gains enough character development to settle around the new concept. More generally, during the 1980s, the characters do age in the...

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By lifting the cauldron with his forearms, the graduate branded himself with the figures. The newly initiated master thus bore an imprint on each their inner forearms; signifying their new status. On several occasions these scars identified him as a Shaolin monk to those familiar with...

(DC Comics version)
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Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Grendel’s “mother” is presumably not his biological mother. Or maybe she is – see below Group Affiliation: Occasional servant of Satan Base Of Operations: Mobile Height: 6’10” Weight: About 600 lbs Eyes: Brown...

(Peter Quill)
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Drawback (Empathic connection; for each RAP of Physical damage inflicted on the Star-Lord, the SHIP takes 1 RAP of Bashing Physical Damage), Note: SHIP also has unexplained sensory abilities, that, for example, once allowed it to experience and memorize another person’s psychic visions and...

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After dropping Diaper off at the local police station, the Captain, George, and Harold returned to the school. But the two increasingly frantic boys could not ’turn’ the Waistband Warrior back into Mr. Krupp. Desperate for a solution to their problem, George poured the contents of a...

(Marvel Universe version)
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Tigra The couple changed their approach. They developed means to turn a human into a Cat Person. Thus was created the first Tigra, a great warrior who destroyed Flavius and Helene’s enemies. Free from persecution, the now-aged researchers finally developed a cure to their...

(Robert Downey, Jr. take) (First movie)
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Background Real Name: Anthony “Tony” Stark Marital Status: Very, very single Known Relatives: Howard Stark (father, deceased) Group Affiliation: None Base Of Operations: Beach house on Malibu, California coast Height: 5’9″ Weight: 175 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown ...

(31st century original team)
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agent Sharon Carter. They allied with the Guardians, helping them free New York City from the Badoon, before returning to their own time. The Guardians travelled to that earlier time. They were searching for a Badoon memory tape which held details of the alien’s previous, failed,...

(Mari McCabe)
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History The ancient African warrior Tantu asked the god Anansi  to create a Totem. It provided him with the powers of the animal kingdom in order to protect the innocent. This Totem was passed down through his descendants. Growing up in (fictional) Zambesi, Mari’s mother taught...