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(Mark Grayson)
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Mark enthusiastically accepted Cecil’s offer and began to face menace after menace as a paid agent of the government while juggling his schedule as a college freshman. Some of his more notable adventures included: fighting off a second invasion from the Flaxxan Empire helping to put a...

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Is it true that he’s a mighty warrior Thane Krios was recruited at age six by the Compact. He evidenced great precision in mind and body as well as biotic power. The Compact trained him to become an assassin taking out threats to the Hanar. From a flashback, it is possible that Krios...

(Profile #1 - Early)
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Get around town… This new understanding of his family history motivated Jack to finally make the long-contemplated trip to his ancestral grounds in Transylvania. He was accompanied by Topaz as the two had become lovers. Topaz was also a positive influence on the wolf, who was soothed...