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(James Howlett aka Logan)
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Group Affiliation: X-Men, X-Force II, New Avengers. Previous member of the Secret Defenders, the Devil’s Brigade, the Four Horsemen, First (Alpha) Flight, agent of the Leader, of the Team X / Weapon X Program / C.I.A, of the Canadian Parachute Battalion. Base Of Operations: Mobile. Height: 5’3’‘...

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Continuity penumbra The Worgmeister’s term for specific eras of DC Comics continuity. These usually happen after a cosmic crisis, where the universe has changed but there’s not yet a firm, shared understanding of the new facts among all writers. This means that for a while,...

(Carol Danvers profile #3) (Ms. Marvel Year One)
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Base Of Operations: New York City’s Manhattan borough. Formerly Boston ; later unrevealed Air Force bases and CIA buildings ; later Cape Canaveral (FL). Height: 5’7” (5’9” as Ms. Marvel) Weight: 120 lbs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde ! Walking wounded When one reads the Carol Danvers stories in their...