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(Jack Kirby version)
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Grant in the New York City area during the times of catastrophe. Its purpose was to increase sapience . All animals from that area would forever have a heightened intelligence and would inherit the Earth. Human were now animals and animals ruled the Earth as ancient men did. Command D...

(The Balloon Buster)
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Savage was one of the most aggressive warriors of that “war to end all wars”. He duelled often with his enemy counterpart, Germany’s famed Rittmeister Hans Von Hammer. Whether Savage survived the First World War is unknown. Description See illustration. Personality No...

Rebooted version
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Validus was brought to Takron Galtos by the Legion during the Sun-Eater scare and united with the other 4 engineered warriors to take on the Sun-Eater. But the Sun-Eater scare was a ruse by UP President Chu to manipulate the Legion, and Validus joined with Tharok, the Empress, Mano and...

(Kingdom Come version)
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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); History Wonder Woman was once a true innocent, uncomfortable in the Man’s World. My, how times have changed. By the time of Kingdom Come, Diana is a true warrior and has embraced much of the violent ideology of...

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She also has a strange asset. Seoul can call up the spirits of great warriors of the past (apparently always from Asia, such as samurai or great Chinese strategists).These will give her pointers on beating her foes. The spirit warriors appear by her side and seem quite real, even to Wylder’s...

(Lo Wang)
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Somehow, Shadow Warrior ended up having the strongest legacy. During the 2010s, new SW games were released to solid reviews and sales and the original was even back was cleaned-up tech to run on modern PCs. Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});...

Michael Devlin
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However, there existed in Greece an order of Shadows dedicated to carrying on the Mythos of St George and battle “the dragon of injustice”. ”Monks” from various religions, living the life of medieval Christian Monks, the Order of St George has for years selected and...

Arisen Tyrk et al.
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The Nifflim were stoic warriors who spoke little. Harrison Tyrk was a articulate, intelligent scholar. He was incredibly deceitful, manipulating people and the truth with equal ease. As the God-King he was a typical megalomaniac, a tyrant of a ruler, and enjoyed in the torture of his opponents....

(Sean's profile)
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Quotes “You are not a warrior, you are a beginner.” DC Universe History The entire Street Fighter story could easily be transported into the DCU with little difficulty. However, it seems unlikely that only the Street Fighters would oppose M. Bison’s tyranny, but that’s...

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Rebuilding Slowly, as parts became available, Daisuke built Alita a new body. After she got a pair of legs, Alita followed Daisuke during his nightly runs. She was concerned that there was a connection between him and a brutal killer stalking young women. She found Daisuke armed with...