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(Elvin Haliday)
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Haliday then fell in with a younger team – the New Warriors. That was during the Folding Circle affair. Rage helped the Warriors by “borrowing” a Quinjet from the Avengers. Rage became a New Warrior, but left with Night Thrasher...

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Machiste left Kiro to accompany Morgan and the Warlord’s new ally Mariah. One day Mariah was drawn through a time warp into the Skartaris of the Age of the Wizard Kings, which is long before the coming of humanity. Machiste, who had fallen in love with Mariah, followed her through...

Salem's Seven
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The Salem’s Seven were born from various women, and were originally just human occultists, just like the vast majority of New Salem’s population. However, all acquired the ability to transform themselves into inhuman warriors (except for Vertigo I, the only one who...

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But Fairchild had another ace up his sleeve. He got reinforced by Coda warriors. He had called upon Cordelia’s help, once more. But this time, he owed her one. So he went to her, offering his services as a mercenary. Gen13 Fairchild learned from Lucius, that Caitlin, his...

Hephestus Gold
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All Phestus knows is, he woke up in a laboratory with other humans possessing latent pyrokinetic abilities, who had all “died” and been resurrected as flame- wielding cyborgs. He was a “Narn K ’Burner‘ Model cyborg”, his new synthetic heat-proof body housing...

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Eyes: Blue Hair: Black Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Powers and Abilities Artemis is one of the best Coda warriors. She mastered all the skills required to be a perfect spy and assassin. Like her fellow Coda sisters, she endured the Blood Bond...

Post-Crisis profile
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The Bronze Tiger The evil Sensei has a tiger’s head mask fashioned for Turner. The mask was a focus for the brainwashing. With the mask on, Turner was no longer an individual but a bloodthirsty warrior with no other identity than the Bronze Tiger. Turner murdered on three...

(Lone Wolf and Cub)
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Height: 5’6” Weight: 130lbs Age: Late 20s Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Powers and Abilities A master of Suio swordsmanship, Ogami Itto is among the deadliest warriors alive. Adept with knife, spear and polearm, his personal weapon is the Dotanuki battlesword. As a masterless ronin ,...

Roy's Elseworld version
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Immediately after the court martial, Nathaniel was approached by Captain Wade Eiling. Eiling offered Nathaniel a pardon and a new identity in exchange for participating in a top-secret experiment. Nathaniel accepted this as an opportunity to get out of prison and find the necessary...

(The Wizard)
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Powers and Abilities Shazam himself possess the abilities he gives the Marvel Family. These are great strength, enhanced resilience, superspeed, flight, and resistance to toxins. He is also an accomplished warrior, having been a champion of right in the distant past. Right now, due...