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Power Level
(Michiko Musashi)
 0   -   
When the founding New Warriors were sent through time and space by The Sphinx, Hindsight Lad assembled Turbo and the reserve New Warriors to bring them back. And again, when Undertow had abducted The New Warriors, Nova called upon Turbo and...

(Profile #1 - Early) (Star Wars: The Old Republic)
 0   -   
The Great Galactic War The return of the Sith Empire was called the Great Galactic War. Their invasion of the Republic was generally a success, thanks to their military might and the vast number of Sith warriors they had trained. While the Empire couldn’t conquer the much larger...

(Titan Quest)
 0   -   
She is trained as an Ancient Spartan warrior, and built from there. She’s a mistress of spears, shields, stabbing short swords, maces… as well as a good archer. And on the latter front she is certainly strong enough to string even Odysseus’ bow . Though she has...