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(Diana of Themyscira) (Gail Simone take) (part #1)
 0   -   
She’s firmly among the trinity of keystone heroes of the DC Universe. Both Rucka and Simone had her as being near-Superman-class in power, and one of the most badass warriors on Earth. Diana is slightly under Kryptonian  levels of strength and endurance. She has taken on a...

(James Howlett aka Logan)
 0   -   
Group Affiliation: X-Men, X-Force II, New Avengers. Previous member of the Secret Defenders, the Devil’s Brigade, the Four Horsemen, First (Alpha) Flight, agent of the Leader, of the Team X / Weapon X Program / C.I.A, of the Canadian Parachute Battalion. Base Of Operations: Mobile. Height: 5’3’‘...

(Thor Odinson)
 0   -   
Thor, unsure of his love and disappointment, went off in search of the Unknown One that had caused Jane Foster to fail her test. While on this adventure he was aided by a young, beautiful, warrior goddess who turned out to be Sif, his childhood sweetheart. With her new found...

(TV version) (Bil and Jay's profile)
 0   -   
Donald Blake, who had a hammer that allowed him to channel an ancient Viking warrior called Thor and a blind lawyer who fought to balance the scales of justice as the acrobatic adventurer Daredevil. His journey came to an end when he met and fell in love with a spy named Jasmine who was being...

(Carol Danvers) (Ms. Marvel "Year One" - the late 1970s)
 0   -   
Base Of Operations: New York City’s Manhattan borough. Formerly Boston ; later unrevealed Air Force bases and CIA buildings ; later Cape Canaveral (FL). Height: 5’7” (5’9” as Ms. Marvel). Weight: 120 lbs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde ! Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle...

 0   -   
Continuity penumbra The Worgmeister’s term for specific eras of DC Comics continuity. These usually happen after a cosmic crisis, where the universe has changed but there’s not yet a firm, shared understanding of the new facts among all writers. This means that for a while,...

(T'Challa) (Christopher Priest era)
 0   -   
The Panther’s claws are retractable, and contain a new composite of the experimental “anti-metal” Vibranium, that can break down other metal alloys. His claws can cut through most common metals. The Panther’s mask is fitted with night vision lenses to augment his...

(Tommy Oliver)
 0   -   
When faced with one of Rita’s giant creatures, Tommy would pilot the mighty Dragonzord. Dragonzord was a giant robotic warrior that closely resembled a bipedal tyrannosaurus. Dragonzord was incredibly powerful; it could easily shatter buildings with a single swing of either its arm...

 0   -   
Sam is Alpha in Jacob’s pack, whatever he says goes. It is said that whatever orders he gives get obeyed whether the members want to obey or not. However, in New Moon Sam ordered Embry to stop but he still transformed and went after Bella. Finally, werewolves have a neutralizing...

(Charles Xavier) (gisted profile)
 0   -   
Marko’s son by a previous marriage, Cain, came to live at the Xavier Mansion in New York’s Westchester County. Taking an immediate dislike to Charles, he began bullying him. But Cain was often secretly beaten by his abusive father. On one occasion, Charles found himself...