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For a list of all articles like this one, see the Guide to new DC Heroes RPG rules. Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Index Aging-Reduction Advantages – New Advantages. Area Knowledge Advantage enhancers – New Advantages. Attractive –...

(Rachel Leighton profile #2 - Enhanced)
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Group Affiliation: BAD Girls, Inc. Former member of the Serpent Society (Sidewinder’s version), the Femizons (Superia’s version), and the ’Secret Avengers’. Former employee of Superia, former partner of Captain America, former unofficial member of the Avengers...

(Natalia Romanova profile #2 - 1965-1970)
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By 1964 Khrushchev apparently knew that Brezhnev and Semichastny were plotting against him. Perhaps reactivating one or more Widows was meant to send a message to the KGB to discourage Khrushchev’s assassination, and/or to get things done despite the GRU’s lack of support, and/or to...

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His patron and his father’s good friend Marcus Brody is curator of an archaeological museum in New York City and a frequent visitor when Indy is teaching in the Northeastern United States. Sallah, Indy’s Egyptian friend, has been a great help during Indy’s Middle Eastern...

(Peter Quill)
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The SHIP also carries small deployable Widgets (x20) with the following stats: [BODY 04, Flight: 06, Thermal Vision: 08, Medicine (Surgery): 06, Note: These flying widget transmit lots of data, including audial, spectral, visual and radio data to the SHIP enabling direct communication to and from...

(As portrayed by Henry Cele)
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With these new weapons, Shaka is given a platoon of Mtetwa warriors to train as a special squad. Shaka scores significant victories in many confrontations which include defeating the armies of the Zulus sent against him by his father. Shaka also takes this opportunity for dealing...

(John Henry Irons) (Profile #1 - Year One)
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With superior stats and Hero Points , Irons is a natural-born super-hero. He was very competent from day one – as a brand-new hero he was thrown in crises such as Reign of the Supermen or Assault on Engine City and delivered solidly despite the circumstances and the power of the...

(Daisy Johnson)
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History (See the Secret Warriors entry for a general history of the team.) Growing up, Cory Sutter had little interest in school, where she performed badly despite her intelligence. She turned to petty crime for something to do, and was arrested for shoplifting at a CD store. Advertisement ...

(Movie version)
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Whistler took Eric in and became a father figure to him. He helped Eric overcome the self-hatred stemming from his inhuman nature. He gave him a mission in life : hunting vampires to avenge his mother’s murder and the loss of a normal human life. Eric took a new name to...

(Profile #1 - the 1960s)
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Sif is a fully-trained Asgardian warrior, fighting primarily with a super-tough Asgardian steel one-handed broadsword. She’s also seen using javelins. She seems to be more technically proficient than most, but is not as large and strong as most male Asgardian warriors. Advertisement ...