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(Karla Sofen) (Profile #3 - early Thunderbolts)
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New skills She’s shown herself able to pilot a Skrull  spacecraft, commenting that it was similar enough to Kree for her to operate. She’s also later exhibited knowledge of the Kree language. These probably leaked into her consciousness following her merging with the Moongem’s...

(Profile #2 - Initiative)
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AdνеrtisеmеntDaredevil epic collection: a touch of Typhoid New Warriors Classic collection vol. ...2 Avengers Initiative Complete Collection Art by RonnieThunderbolts : Adνеrtisеmеnt (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ...

(Milos Masaryk) (Profile #2 - Super-strength (1968-1974))
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Thus, the Unicorn rebelled as soon as he was given his new equipment. He razed the lab to prevent the creation of other super-soldiers, then flew away to seek a way to prolong his life. A stranger in the Alps Thus, the Unicorn soon attacked a major scientific congress in the...

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A few years after the destruction of the Temple, when the Order rediscovered Tython and had a new Temple built there, Morr sneaked planetside. He then trained the dangerous Flesh Raiders. Over the years he made them into his army. Morr even trained those among them who were...

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History “Our Story begins as they so often do, With a beautiful lassie desired by two …” Long ago, when the Picts still roamed the lowlands and highlands of what is now called Scotland, there lived a young man named Niahl. Niahl’s clan hunted in the forests and hillocks around Loch Earn and...

(New Warriors)
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New Warriors’ Chauffeur After Dwayne Taylor discovered that Andrew Chord had killed his parents, he pushed him away. It left the New Warriors without a pilot, unable to go anywhere far from New York. Andrew pointed Taylor toward Sprocket. So...

(Mutants & Masterminds RPGs)
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She and Namorita might even have been raised together, with Jessica keeping her identity secret even from her older sister Namorita to avoid being entangled into New Warriors business. Sharing The links to follow us and/or subscribe to our monthly newsletter are at the bottom of...

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Perhaps this is due to a scarcity in materials caused by their underground location ? Or, more simply, their air had other strange properties interfering with power management tech. Or perhaps, as we’ll hypothesize below, it is Deviant technology and the Netherworlders...