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(Xena's companion)
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Eyes: Green Hair: Blonde Powers & Abilities Early on Gabrielle is a young bard. She’s good at storytelling and social interaction, and smart and observant, but clearly not a warrior. Over the course of the series she refines her abilities. She becomes a skilled athlete,...

(Secret Six)
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Quotes “Oh, come on ! Don’t tell me it’s over already ! You’re young — I thought you’d last a couple of hours at least !” “It’s your first time, isn’t it Superboy ? Fighting a woman, I mean. Maybe I...

(Skurge (profile #1 - pre-Simonson (1964 to 1977)))
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History Skurge is the son of a goddess of Skarnheim (the same species as the gods in the city of Asgard) and a storm giant. Reportedly ostracised by giants for his size, he took his revenge by becoming a great warrior and giant-slayer. His merciless killings earned him the name of...

(Profile #1 - the 1970s)
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Quotes “He’ll wake up with a nasty headache — and he won’t be able to talk for a few weeks ! But I found his voice rather annoying anyway !” Dragon : “I’m not sure what we’re getting into, Lady Shiva…” Shiva :...

(Profile #1 - classic)
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Marvel — they’ll not affect me ! I was born to course the winds ! I’ll never fall to a dirt-grubbing human !” “Fool ! Did you think that the first-born of the Aerie would fall so easily ?” “Shigon’s...

(Profile #2 - Kid Loki (Journey into Mystery))
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Loki found himself coerced into serving as secret agent for the new leaders of Asgard, the All-Mothers. They didn’t fully trust him, since his plans had seen Surtur freed, but saw a use for his subtlety, a trait rare among the warriors of Asgard. The Terrorism Myth In the...

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Context Escape from New York is a 1981 sci-fi movie with a cyberpunk  atmosphere. A cult classic, it was successful enough to get a sequel (Escape from L.A.) 15 years later. As with other John Carpenter sci-fi films, Escape was an important movie for Generation X nerds. Back then...

(Profile #1 - Early)
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Eyes: Light brown Hair: Light brown Powers & Abilities Alistair is a skilled warrior and a brawny young man. He’s a heavy footman and generally operates with heavy armour, a large shield and a big sword. In a fight he thus corresponds to the traditional MMORPG role of the...

(Nekra Sinclair)
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At this point, the Mandrill and Nekra launched the last part of their plan. They threatened to blow New York City up with an atomic bomb, and invaded the White House. The A-bomb bluff worked, and the lawn of the evacuated White House was soon occupied by the giant mandrill statue...

(Profile #2 - as Mirage, as a Valkyrie)
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Quotes “Loki started this. But whatever it costs, whatever it takes… We’ll finish it !” Asgardian: “You children — explain yourselves !” Mirage (calmly): “We’re minding our own business. I suggest you do the same.”...