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(Gayle Marsh)
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In Gayle, he saw a pure warrior capable of fighting this force of decay. By the time Gayle entered college at Chicago’s Lake Shore University, her powers had reached their peak. Dr. Pendergast decided it was time to join the battle against decay. Yet Gayle was hesitant to take up the...

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Pendergast was presumably arrested by Supergirl and the nearby police. But there seems to be few charges that could actually be pressed against him. Thus it is likely Pendergast spent very little, if any, time in prison. And it *is* likely he acquired some new subjects as...

(Part #1)
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During this total war, the Weaver created things of light and hatred called angels. These served as nigh-unstoppable warriors. They beat back their enemy, inflicting enough destruction to eventually awaken the Dragon. However, in the nick of time, the natives found a ritual that would...

(Grim Dawn) (part #2 - The Devil's Executioner cometh)
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The road warrior With the Cronley gang massacred, travelling the Old Arkovian Coast Road no longer was a death sentence. That opened the possibility for Devil’s Crossing to establish ties with any survivors up the coast. A makeshift fort used by Cronley’s...

(Profile #1 - Early)
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Brian moved out, and soon seemed to give up the role of Captain Britain. Part of Gabriel and Michael’s plan had been to gain some influence over the Captain, so as to gain some political leverage to ensure the R.C.X.’s survival. With Brian’s departure, they convinced...

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Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Powers and Abilities Shaka is an accomplished warrior and soldier, and a veteran commando. His DNA has been enriched with sequences coming from an unspecified “sea reptile”. This...

(Nekra Sinclair)
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At this point, the Mandrill and Nekra launched the last part of their plan. They threatened to blow New York City up with an atomic bomb, and invaded the White House. The A-bomb bluff worked, and the lawn of the evacuated White House was soon occupied by the giant mandrill statue...

(Part #2)
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Nekra’s instructions were to direct Druid’s attention toward the Second Assembly. This splinter cult of the Dry Academy was building a new god made of corpses. On the Devil’s secret service To do so, Sinclair introduced herself as the high priestess of a Kâli cult in...

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This is a first draft, without research, to establish new style stats for some common weapons needed in character profiles. And as a reminder it’s meant to model weapons *in fiction*. And whilst keeping things simple at that. Short sword A category for a blade bigger than a knife, but...

(X-Men enemies) (Original Sebastian Shaw era, part 2)
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Months later, Emma Frost picked up Dwayne Taylor’s hacking trace. She gruesomely punished the tech who helped Taylor, and launched her Hellions in a punitive strike against The New Warriors. It ended in a stalemate. Frost agreed to let her grudge go, for the...